Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Renting Solar Panels in Brazil

Our wonderful idea of renting solar panels at about the price of the energy they replace is already being done. A guy named Fabio Rosa is renting panels to people in Brazil, who otherwise wouldn't have had a chance to get electricity, because they live too far from the grid. In this story by David Bornstein from 2003 Fabio Rosa: Making the Sun Shine for All you can read his very inspirational story. I was humbled to read that people were delighted to get a single panel (for about $10/mo) while our customers will need a large array to cover their own lifestyle needs.

While certain politicians here are dismissing solar as "too expensive" and instead promoting the oxymoron "clean coal" or nuclear power, maybe they should be aware that solar is incredibly cheap, and very much in use.

I have asked a couple of people to investigate the continuing story of Rabio Rosa, which I will add here when I get more.
In fact I Googled Fabio Rosa myself and came up with a number of links about him:

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