Saturday, November 3, 2007

Maine Gold

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When I arrived here in Falmouth a couple of weeks ago, the foliage in the sunshine was glorious. At the front, there was a particularly beautiful stand of green, gold and red. The weather was just as glorious - in the 70's with blue skies. But I was too busy to pull out my camera.

When I finally did, the skies were gray with impending rain. Although I took a few pictures in the gloom, when I got back to my computer, the 7-year-old camera refused to behave. So I made a rash decision to buy the 7-year newer version of the same, which is of course wonderful. But in the meantime, the rains had come and took some of the leaves that had been so glorious 2 days earlier.

If "Nature's first leaf is gold" according to Robert Frost, it's last leaf is often gold as well, and just as ephemeral. Most of the leaves now a week or so later are getting brown. I think we may have had a first frost, which is very late this year. It is much chillier now than before.

When my daughter visited last week, we decided to avail ourselves of the new outdoor pool here - with indoor entry. So we went swimming in Maine on October 30!

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