Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tilting at windmills? No on California Prop 10!

Cartoon from this week's New YorkerWe Californians have to decide on 12 different propositions on some big and small issues, 2 of which involve the environment. Both are sponsored by assumedly well-meaning rich people, who figured they can help the environment with their accumulated cash. However, all of the reputable environmental groups say

Vote No on Props 7 & 10!

This commentary in the LATImes today, by George Skelton, is as good an explanation as any I've seen: A clear choice and a murky one on two energy initiatives.

The Sierra Club of California has an election section on its home page (which will probably change after the election, of course. It links to these pages for its No to Proposition 7 and the official No to Proposition 10 site.

I will get back to this later with some of my own comments, but I am presenting my college (Oberlin) at a college night tonight, so I have to get off now.

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bonbayel said...

Thank you, California, for voting a resounding No on Props 7 and 10, and also providing farm animals with more humane conditions (like they've had in the EU for years!) with Prop 2, and even going a step closer to running a bullet train between Sacramento and San Diego (Prop 1a, which strangely, San Diegoans voted against.)