Monday, October 20, 2008

ABC Won't Air This Ad about Clean Energy

The We Can Solve It Campaign had collected funds (also from me) to air this message on ABC to counteract the deceptive ads from dirty Big Coal and Big Oil. But they refused. (Guess who's made them sign their life away to get Big Ad Money!) As the "We Campaign" said in an email:

We delivered your note along with over 220,000 others. We had such a large response that the ABC website temporarily stopped accepting messages from anyone, anywhere.
You also helped build buzz -- lot of blogs and media outlets highlighted ABC's decision not to run our ad as both surprising and unfair. Great articles appeared in the Christian Science Monitor and Columbia Journalism Review, for example.

After you've watched the ad, you might want to go to the WeCanSolveIt website to see what else they can help you do to "solve it!"

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bonbayel said...

ABC wouldn't air Obama's Infomercial last night, either.

It's too bad, because ABC is the TV station we usually watch. We had to switch to Fox News to watch it last night!

My (US citizen) daughter in Denmark saw it on Danish TV and wrote me (in case you can read Danish! She ends saying that it's been a long time since a Presidential candidate could make her so optimistic.)

"Har ellers lige set Obamas 30 minutters reklame. Ved godt det selvfølgelig er lidt glossy, men jeg blev altså rørt til tårer. Synes bare han er så imponerende og inspirerende en person og bare det faktum at han er sort og hvis han bliver valgt er det virkelig tegn på en ny æra. Godt nok længe siden en præsidentkandidat har kunnet gøre mig så optimistisk."