Friday, October 10, 2008

Links on EVs, Energy, T. Boone Pickens and water

I have a friend, Nancy, who has been collecting lots of links on energy topics. Her main interest is plug-in EVs, and she is particularly interested in making sure that the California CARB requirements, which are in hearing for another couple of weeks, specify plug-ins.
She would like to make her collection of links available, so here they are. I have tried to group them somewhat. The comments are Nancy's.

The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch

  • University of Colorado professor, Dr. Albert Bartlett's presentation on "Arithmetic, Population, and Energy." (This is the first of 8 videos, 55 minutes in all. Keep clicking the link below the screen when one ends.)
    B: It looks like it's going to be really boring, but hang with it! I just watched it. It is mind boggling!

On EVs and cars in general

California Air Quality Board (CARB) is taking comments until October 20th for The new 2008 California Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate. You can read the law proposal and other people's comments, and then please add your own comments at this link!
The ZEV Mandate is THE REASON we had the EV1 and other ZEV cars 10 years ago. Let's encourage them again!

You might also be interested in the pictures I took at the Alternative Vehicle and Transportation Expo in Santa Monica this year.


On T. Boone Pickens and water

Other topics

I must admit that I have barely scratched the surface on viewing all of this, but now they are all collected one place for viewing!

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