Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tell Obama & McCain: We Need Clean Energy, Not 'Clean Coal'

1Sky and a lot of others are just as fed up with the candidates' "clean coal" as I am.
They have made it easy for you to tell the candidates what YOU think about this. Just go to their page Tell Obama & McCain: We Need Clean Energy, Not 'Clean Coal'.

And while you're at it, check out Environmental Defense's interactive "Lost Eight Years" timeline with their 2009 Green Energy Agenda.

For more background information, you might be interested in my other blog posts about clean coal


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "clean coal" and these politicians know it. From the mines to the furnaces, coal is a fossil fuel, primitive energy source which pollutes as badly as other fossil fuel burning sources. The scrubbers and filters that are currently in place do not eliminate the particulate matter and other carcinogens! This is a bogus claim by McCain AND Obama, but without a "talking point" regarding energy they both will resort to BS regarding fossil fuels which are available and can be implemented. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO MISLEAD YOU. COAL IS A FOSSIL FUEL AND AS SUCH, IS NOT EVEN GREEN "LIGHT!"

Anonymous said...

It is true the reduction of carbon emission is not the solution to the global warming crisis.

Clean Energy, green energy, and the green jobs add to the solution.

We need green jobs and green energy, even in the developing countries like Kenya.

Kenya depends on hydro power, and grid energy.Energy distribution policies have caused the product to be the most expensive than any other part of the world.

No one knows why consumers have to pay for thermal energy generation.This adds to the consumption cost.

The country enjoys sunshine all the year round. The government has developed Wind Atlas.

It is possible to promote green jobs through Alternative Energy.Students who complete secondary educations can learn how to make solar panels for sale as the government is urged to allow energy generations for distribution, to build economies.

Salvage Youth Potential Development dream is green jobs for sustainable development.
We look for partners who include JKUAT as the trainer in enery for the 21st century.