Monday, April 14, 2008

Mother and Daughter Road Trip

I've been away for a couple of weeks on a wonderful road trip with my daughter, Hanne, who lives in Copenhagen. I figured my next blog entries would tell about some of our experiences. Since I've made 12 sets of pictures from the trip on Flickr, I'll try to write 12 entries with a picture from each location.
You can access all of them from my Mother and Daughter Road Trip Collection on Flickr.

This is not the first trip we have taken alone together. Many years ago, Hanne and I took a trip to Switzerland together while her brother was traveling with their Danish father. Another time, Hanne, who was taking French as a high school freshman, joined me on a trip to Dordogne in France with my own evening school French class.

A couple of years ago, Hanne suggested that we do a trip together to Cancun, which was my first trip to Mexico. Unfortunately, it was only a few months after destructive hurricanes swept through. We managed getting around Cancun by bus, boat and bicycle.

This was our first road trip together. Since Hanne doesn't need a car in Copenhagen, she was delighted to drive most of the trip. We both thought it would be a challenge to use my tiny 2-seater stick-shift 2000 Honda hybrid Insight for the trip. The challenge was both to pack so efficiently that it would all fit (see picture) and to see how good our gas milage would be. We drove about 1500 miles, from sea level at San Diego and in the Imperial Valley to about 8045 ft near Flagstaff, on Interstates, in towns, on windy mountain roads and even dirt roads, so we are very proud of our combined 54 mpg.

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