Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jaw dropping: Sedona Red Rock Country

Hanne was driving when we got into the Red Rock country after a short rain that managed to wash off most of the dust and bugs accumulating on the car. She said she had just lost her jaw!

We had to stop at the first lookout we came to - Bell Rock, just at sunset. And then we went on to dinner downtown (hamburgers) and then our first PEO bed & breakfast with Gertrude, who lived very close to the old part of town where we'd found dinner.

Gertrude told Hanne about where she walks everyday, so Hanne got up early the next morning and had a lovely run up and down hills with glorious views of the red rocks. Imagine living there!

Then we went on to the tourist office where we were given maps and suggestions for a couple of hikes that included a bit of climbing.

We started at the Faye Creek trail, which ran along and across the creek for quite a while and Hanne was getting impatient to climb. At the end, we ended at a wonderful place to climb up to get great pictures, which you can see. On the way back, we turned at a little cairn to cross the creek and then go high up the cliff, where the rocks form a wonderful arch. On the way up we were surrounded by the wildflowers we had been looking for.

After lunch we decided to try the Airport Loop trail. By this time I was getting a bit tired, and the blisters on my feet from San Diego were not helping much, so we agreed that Hanne could go on ahead (to get her heart rate up!) First we climbed the lookout hill, from which she took this video. If you look careful toward the end of the video, you'll see that I made it to the top - wearing the green dress, hiking shoes and safari hat I used for all these hikes!

Then Hanne took the airport loop trail (the airport is at the top of a mountain) while I read the long Danish novel she'd brought for me that I had to finish before she left.

Now that I'm home I've discovered I'm not getting any exercise at all. I really miss my hiking companion!

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