Friday, March 28, 2008

Schwarzenegger in the Sun

Picture from the Daily Bulletin. Picture text: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, with members of Edison International, ProLogis and the California Public Utilities Commission, announces the beginning of the nation s largest rooftop solar-power project, at the ProLogis warehouse in Fontana on Thursday. (Gabriel Luis Acosta/Staff Photographer)

Our governor is all over the papers today. The local paper went way out to cover our most important dignitary's visit to the new solar installation in Fontana.
For more news, pictures and videos, see Governor attends event unveiling of solar power project from the Daily Bulletin,
FONTANA - Gov. Schwarzenegger's vision for a solar-powered California just got brighter.
The governor on Thursday joined Southern California Edison officials and local politicians to announce the proposed installation of photovoltaic-generating technology on 65 million square feet of commercial building rooftops in Southern California. That's a lot of solar panels. Enough to fill 1,100 football fields.
"It will harness California's abundant sunshine and deliver electricity straight to our power grid," Schwarzenegger said. "I love when big ideas like this turn into great victories for the state of California."
The LA Times just added a picture to the article they had yesterday.

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