Friday, April 18, 2008

Looking for tall cactus

Arizona Saguara cactus
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When I moved to California I was curious about the desert. I figured all desert looked like "The Living Desert" or else where Snoopy's brother lives - you know with those tall sentinel cactusses (cacti?)

But there were only these small fuzzy churro cacti, or some small prickly pears, although there was a field of largish cacti in a field behind my first job here in Rancho Cucamonga (food crop, I have since learned, encountering them on menus in Mexican restaurants.

As we were planning this trip, I read that those tall cacti are Saguara (pronounced [sawara] of course, although it was hard to stop using the [g],) and that they only grow in Arizona. So that became a major item on our "must see" list.

After we crossed the Arizona border we looked and looked. but didn't see any. It was only after we turned north from the 8 towards Phoenix that we began to see a few individuals. I was sure we were going to miss them, so I started taking pictures from the car window of these isolated cacti. But the further north we went the more there were up to a certain altitude - and on the way back we saw many more. They were often in fields with lovely yellow flowers.

So this is something you can only see in Arizona. Pretty neat state!

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