Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Naked Binder

I just found out about another company besides Terracycle that is using all those recyclables we put into the container to make attractive and useful products - this time binders from recycled paper.

The Naked Binder writes about its products here:
Made from100% recycled board, 97% of which is post-consumer waste with no decorations, plastics, toxins or vinyl. The board is acid free, so it won't harm your contents - whether you are preparing for tax season, working on your novel or storing your child's artworks.

Naked Binder's mission is to create the highest quality and most sustainable products, constantly striving to do better and work to preserve wild and undomesticated nature. We are members of the 1% for the Planet and donate in support of the wilderness.

We believe that good design incorporates function, aesthetics and sustainability so we designed what may be the most eco-friendly binder in the world - strong, good looking and 100% recyclable. Naked Binders feel good in the hand, look good and being made from 100% recycled board our binders have no plastics, no vinyl and no printing. Safe for you, your children, pets and loved ones.
I just ordered a couple to try them out. They look perfect. I hate all the old vinyl ones I have on my (lowest) shelves! Since I will be starting my new teaching career, I'll be needing more binders, so this is my start.

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