Monday, March 16, 2009

Fighting the coal industry

In the LinkedIn group "Clean Tech," Marguerite Arnold contributed the following ideas for fighting Big Coal. I thought I'd pass them on here (slightly edited:)
There is no such thing as "clean" coal. Stop the mining and destruction of the mountaintops.

Bruce Vento and Daniel Inouye will be good targets. I worked with them when I saved the largest area of pristine high desert ecosystem in the lower 48, home to 12 endangered species and an Indian Tribe from the Air Force who wanted to turn it into a bombing range.

Also, it's very effective to start carpet bombing the Department of the Interior, the Department of Energy, and of course the White House on these issues (I don't mean that literally of course). When you call the White House, ask for the Council on Environmental Quality Nancy Sutly and send an email to the White House. When you call the agencies, ask to speak to the heads of the departments. Clog the phone lines and send emails. It's not just Congress anymore.

Also...start a UTube viral campaign. Easy to shoot and distribute - do it on your camera. Very effective, particularly on college campuses, particularly because there's no such thing as "clean coal" - a lesson our President apparently needs to be taught from the grassroots up.

I used to love catching the military dumping mustard gas chemicals into the Chesapeake Bay and showing archival FOIA footage of how they tortured animals in nuclear and chemical gas attack tests on national TV. Trust me. Viral video works. Any of these sites near or in Indian reservations or home to endangered species? Just a few ideas to get you thinking. Transpose that with Exxon footage and you have a winner.

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