Sunday, March 15, 2009

Did the "impossible!"

One thing that seemed impossible (OK, not really) was taking the California Subject Examinations for Teachers in Math so I can become a HS Math teacher at a mature age when everyone else is retiring.

But I took it yesterday (using every minute available) and survived and probably passed. I'll know the results in about 3 weeks.

There is one more math test - in Trigonometry and Calculus - and the History of Mathematics!(!) that I'm aiming to take in May.

After that I will be taking my teaching internship through Claremont Graduate University, also working with an organization called EnCorps, whose purpose is to help the lack of math and science teachers in California public schools by helping to get retirees with math and science knowledge into the classroom.

I will probably start writing about my thoughts on teaching here as well sometime soon, or maybe I'll start a teaching blog. We'll see.

Wish me (and my future students!) luck!

I did start a new blog, and it's called To Do the Impossible. Check it out!

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