Monday, September 10, 2007

Willits, California Escapes from Suburbia

I just watched this very encouraging trailer for the film Escape from Suburbia.

The trailer (and, I understand, a good bit of the movie) is mostly about the little town of Willits, CA, whose residents got together after watching the prequel to this, End of Suburbia, to see how they could join forces to form a viable and sustainable local economy. This is their Willits Economic Localization (WILL) site for inspiration.

Obviously getting 13,000 people of all persuasions to work together was one mean feat. I am very impressed, and hope to learn how they managed to do that! In the trailer they said that they can't discuss the war or religion and any number of other topics without getting into an argument. But if the talk is about Willits, then they can pull together!

More (sustainable) power to them!

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