Thursday, September 6, 2007

Too much junk mail?

Carbon Conscious Consumer
I just received a campaign email about stopping junk mail, which we always just throw in the recycle bin without looking at it.

I must admit that the colorful addressed clothing catalogues sometimes catch my eye, but usually I am annoyed that one more company has given away MY name to some stupid list that just generates more PAPER!

Sometimes I've even called to get off a mailing list, but it doesn't really work. Unfortunately every time you get tempted by one of the catalogues you end up on a few more mailing lists, because they know they've found another gullible person!

Recycling is fine, but it would be better if the catalogues didn't even get printed! Think of all the trees that are used for them, because most of them don't even use recycled paper or vegetable inks. And besides that, think of all the fuel used to transport the trees, pulp and finished catalogues to wherever they're going. And those trees would have helped removed the CO2 that burning petroleum produces!

At any rate, this website has all the forms you need to get off of many of the mailing lists. So you can at least get rid of some of them! And they're running a contest with monthly prizes. (I didn't look to see what the prizes are, but you can.)

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