Saturday, September 8, 2007

Solar Fundamentals

Solar Fundamentals
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I'm done!
I made this picture for my class in Adobe Illustrator. We were supposed to create a project based on a super hero of ourselves. So of course I am Solar Sister!
The picture was supposed to be used in some realistic function, so most of my classmates used it as a comic book cover. But since I'd just edited a training book on Solar Fundamentals, I figured it could be a cover for that, if anyone wants to use it that way!

This used a number of different techniques. The picture of me was done entirely with the devilish but versatile pen tool, most of the background was made with the Live Trace tool directly from pictures. The sky picture was based on one I took in Maine. You'll be able to find it in my Flickr pictures!
And then I used a scatter brush to scatter solar panels!
The windturbine (which was in the original picture of the power plant from the Ruhrgebiet in Germany) I did partly with the pen and partly by generating the tower by revolving a "path."
The last thing I did was remove many bits of cloud on the front cover to show a clear blue sky!
I hope you enjoy my picture.

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