Thursday, May 3, 2007

Golden Pipes

Golden Pipes
Originally uploaded by Chris Inside.
I found this picture of St Joseph Catholic Church in Macon, Georgia (by Chris Inside,) while browsing Flickr pictures. The sun can also provide uplifting inspiration shining through stained glass, or coming in low under clouds in the late afternoon, when everything takes on a golden shimmer.

The sun also provides life by raising our spirits. All that sun-bred food isn't enough to sustain us. We need food for the spirit, too. Now I'm not religious exactly, but I am sure that I would feel some sort of exultation viewing this window in the sunlight.

I remember several years ago when we had experienced several days of gloomy weather ("June gloom" maybe, which seems to have moved up to May this year.) We finally got the idea that we could drive up the mountain and through the clouds to the sun, which we did. It was amazing how our grumpiness melted away under the glorious blue sky!

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