Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A new sun on the political horizon

I was getting pretty depressed about the Democratic candidates, because they all seem to have relegated environmental issues to a back burner, which was confirmed by an email from Environmental Defense today:

Partisan politics -- Global warming is quickly emerging as a top issue on the campaign trail. Some political operatives are advising candidates to delay action to maximize the impact of this issue in the presidential contest. As each party maneuvers to claim ownership over climate action, the net effect could be no action at all.

But then I also got an email today from the Chris Dodd for President Campaign. It looks like we do have sun in the polical sky. He is running on a strong platform that Energy Independence and fighting Global Warming together are the most important issue facing us at this time.

But whether he can get his message across and into the media is another question. Dennis Kucinich, who has a lot of good ideas himself, is relegated to the media swamplands, and even John Edwards, who also is not afraid to mention the environment, isn't making much headway against Hillary and Obama in the media.

We have to put them there.

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