Monday, April 30, 2007

To Market To Market

I just got my official Powur of Citizenre poloshirt (made from bamboo!) today, and had to get a picture ot it with the familiar background! I have my shopping cart all decked out to tell about solar power at the local farmers' markets - in Upland Thursday nights, which is more of a street fair, and the very popular organic market in Claremont Sunday mornings. John and I usually bike to the Claremont Market (about 7 miles round trip,) but that will be difficult with my cart. I guess I could put the flyers on the bike instead.

I'm very excited about being able to help lots of people "join the solution," with solar panels that everyone can afford - as long as they own their own home and it has a good unshaded preferably south-facing roof! People pay for these panels by renting them at a rate equal to the electricity the generate times an average price per kwh based on their current rate - locked in for 25 years!

When I start talking about it, people's face lights up, and then they say "someday..." thinking it will cost them the current $20 -$40 K (minus good subsidies in some states like California.) When they hear it's not going to cost them more, their ears perk up! And when they hear that they get a deduction in their bills for all their friends they sign up, it gets very convincing.

The only real problem right now is that the factory won't have any produced for about a year or so, so we have to wait a bit. But that is a good time to work on making our homes energy efficient, which will cut out bill even more.

Solar energy is great, less energy consumption is even better!

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Frank said...

Howdy Bonnie,
Cool site! You oughta just get some "honk if you love solar" and "ReThink Solar" shirts and peddle away. Great way to spread the word!