Saturday, April 18, 2009 might change the world

I sometimes think I'm not doing enough to change the world. I just sit at home reading and then researching and typing away at my computer, while others are out there demonstrating, or actually doing practical work.

The big efforts of Citizenre's solar panels for everyone is on hold because of financing problems (but things are looking up recently, so we expect that the first panels will be installed within the year) and I haven't had an environmentally related job since I worked for Vestas Wind Systems in 2002.

However, I think my blog is reaching some people besides the "choir" so this is my activism. (BTW, the most popular entries here are about Green Mountain Coffee's plastic K-cups trash, and the horrible indestructible trash that comes with each candy bar we buy, even though the largest number of entries have been about energy: dirty coal and oil, and the future of solar and other renewables.)

I read an appropriate quote on the Sierra Club's Daily Ray of Hope from April 1, which made me realize that maybe what I am doing does help change the world.

Choose your corner,
pick away at it carefully, intensely and to the best of your ability
and that way you might change the world.
-- Charles Eames

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