Monday, December 8, 2008

Let's say thanks to the troops abroad and bring them home to their families!

I feel for all those young people (and older ones, too) who are fighting for something (and I think it is different things) in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for their families who never know when or if they will be seeing their soldiers again. I expect many are fighting to provide a livelihood for their families, and they would very much like to be home with them as well. And many joined to get an education, which is evidently not as easy to come by as after WW II.

Since our government has been letting them down, I think we can help them a little with cards designed by school children all over the country. This is not to be political (and I didn't think we should have ever gone near there, and hope we can get out honorably - where victory means we leave the Iraqis with the freedon to rule their own country as they see fit.)

And I wish all of my readers

Peace in 2009!

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