Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fire on our mountain

Big Horn Fire
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If you look carefully on the left you can see wisps of smoke behind the closest hill. This is the Big Horn "Incident" which started very close to Mt Baldy Village, about 6 miles from here.

The area hasn't burned since the late 70's, so there is a lot of brush and trees. Luckily it is moving toward the west (into Los Angees County) and away from the village, which is a lovely old resort town at about 4000 ft on the road up to Mt Baldy.

If you click the picture, you can get to the Flickr original, where I have a link to the incident information.

Although we actually had some rain on Monday, Tuesday and today are warm and dry, and there are pretty strong winds blowing as well. That means we've got the makings of a bad fire season, like the ones we had 4 and 5 years ago, which burned a number of houses at the "interface" between the wilderness and Upland, unincorporated San Antonio Heights and Claremont, and other cities along the edge to the East. (See the book Wall of Flame about the fires in October 2003.)

If we're in for another bad fire season, there is less and less water available to fight the fires, since the Sierra and Colorado snow caps melt earlier. What have we done to our beautiful Earth?

When I called Mom on Monday, she had just been seeing all the natural disasters this week on TV - Myanmar flooding, tornados in the midwest, fires in Florida, earthquake in China... and now our little fire (- I hope it stays little!)

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