Sunday, December 23, 2012

Making Music with Trash

I've been writing a lot about trash recently. Here is the teaser for a movie, Landfill Harmonic,
about people who live from sorting trash - and using it. I look forward to seeing the movie!

I am a happy member of a listserve called FreeCycle, where we have given away a whole lot of things we don't need to people who do.  This included recently an aluminum ladder, a bunch of large boxes, books, shoes, etc. We have more to give away, but haven't gotten around to sorting it. I'm sure someone would love our collection of old computer cords, for example. I got a bunch of sewing patterns through it, and many people use it to give away or ask for children's clothes and toys.

Our neighbors, with 3 adults and 3 children living together, have 2 blue recycle cans and one black trash bin. Our own recycle can is almost always filled to the top each week, while the enormous black bin usually has 2 or three small bags of trash rolling around in the bottom. Maybe the trash collectors should switch the 2 sizes!

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