Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter idyl

Path behind Sunnybrook Village
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The day after the snow, we were awakened with sunshine and the most delightful dynamics outside as the snow falls off the branches. I've been thinking I should try the video function on my camera to catch it.

I had to go out to clear the snow from my car (until the grounds man here at Mom's retirement home helped me out!) But it was fun walking in the deep snow to get this picture, and even clearing snow off the car is great upper-body exercise.

I love the snow, particularly on a day like today, where it lies without a footprint in it. I remember clearing the snow from our driveway and sidewalk in Denmark, and going out on cross-country skis right from the front door. (But I was younger. I'm not sure my back would appreciate that work now.)


I had thought I'd be spending all day tomorrow watching the inaugaration, but my sister pointed out that my plane tickets are tomorrow, not Wednesday as I thought. (I had checked the flight, but it timed out before I ordered it, and didn't check the results well enough, I guess.) But I'll be seeing parts of it on all the screens at the airports. I wonder if they will be able to have it on the screens on the planes?

I don't ever recall so much build-up to an inaugaration before, but this one is very special. We all have placed so much hope and so many expectations on Obama's shoulders, but I think people are also willing to give him some space to get things done. Nevertheless, I expect his first 100 days will be spectacular.

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