Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Living under seige

The new kitchen
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We're sort of thinking about moving to something more environmentally sustainable than here (more about that in another post,) that doesn't have stairs (so we also can stay living there when our knees give out completely) and with more room

But to do that, we have to fix up the condo to remove the bumps and scratches of time, as well as repair larger items, like the light well in the kitchen, which now boasts CFL bulbs and white cabinets, which we understand is what sells these days (they used to be dark wood veneer, which is what the kitchen in the house we're looking at has...)

So everything is draped in plastic, and we've established an interim breakfast and lunch kitchen in the bedroom (sigh!) and we're pretty much living upstairs, except for occasional escapes outside!

I insisted that the painter select water-based paints, although I didn't go as far to pick the really "organic" paints that I would have if we were planning to stay there. The hard part for the painter was the base coat to prime the dark stained cabinets. Dunn & Edwars had the correct paint, since California is outlawing oil-based paints with their nasty VOC content (the part that smells for months after a paint job and gives you a headache) as of July 1, He said the paint store was selling the old stuff at higher prices. I bet there are some who are hoarding, because they don't believe the other's going to work!

At any rate, the smell isn't too bad. John, who grew up in North Carolina, says it reminds him of an old empty "tobacky barn!" No headaches, either, so that is at least pleasant!

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