Saturday, October 20, 2007

Putting the sun in a jar

grapefruit marmelade boiling
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Sunshine comes in many forms, even grapefruit!

I had picked a lot of wonderful pink grapefruit from my PEO sister Barbara's tree--so many, they filled the refrigerator.

So when a chance came to provide something for a fundraiser, I figured I could try to make marmalade for the first time. (I've made gallons of cherry and berry jams and jellies before, but never marmalade, and I picked the grapefruit myself, just like all those blackberries, gooseberries, black and red currants and lovely red sour cherries in Denmark.)

Since we had some ginger, I added grated ginger to half of it for variety. All the small jars I've saved-- from artichokes, olives, mustard--are perfect for marmalade.

I fixed up a couple of pictures in Illustrator for labels, which I've also uploaded to the Flickr Marmalade set.

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